Here's our top 5 reasons why we think every funeral home should use them:

1. Assembled in-house

2. Quick and easy (no tools required)

3. Easily print text & edge to edge photos

4. It's so easy, you can sell it as a D.I.Y. book

5. Beautiful books stay on the coffee table (not in the closet)

Remembering Books

are the funeral Register binder
and Photo book in one.

Stunning full-page
photos combined inspirational quotes and signed guest pages create a treasured family keepsake.

What is included

with a standard book?

See how easy it is to create stunning books in-house!

Printable Pages

D.I.Y. Instruction Sheet

Re-order Form

Quote Pages

Guest Pages

Presentation Box

Book Cover

Presentation Box

'Slide-Bind' Book Cover

Eight Inspirational Quote pages

Six Printable Pages

15 Guest Pages (double sided)

D.I.Y. Instruction sheet for clients who wish to put the book together themselves

Re-order form (attach your business card to allow clients to contact you for re-orders)

Presentation Boxes.

A matching presentation box, complete with magnetic closure and ribbon is included with every Remembering Book.

4 Easy Steps to create your Remembering Book

  • 1. Guests sign 'Remembering' pagesGuest pages come pre-printed and ready to go. Find out more...

    • Pre-printed and ready to go. Just put them out at a service for guests to leave memories, and condolences.
    • Put pages out at a funeral service for guests to sign. These pages are not yet bound into the book, which makes it easy to have several places around the service where guests can sign the pages.
    • Handwritten pages are creased and hole punched, so they can be kept together in a ring binder if needed.
      (We supply a matching ring-binder that fits the pages perfectly - most homes choose to have a set of 3 or 4 of these that they use at every service)
    • Expert Tip: Scan or copy the signed white section of these pages onto our photo paper to make multiple copies of a Remembering Book. (Ask us for a Multiple copy cardboard guide to make this process super easy!)
  • 2. Print photo and text pages (optional)We supply quality paper that works with any standard printer. Find out more...

    • Print full page photos, text, poems, and title pages.
    • Quality paper that works with any standard inkjet or laser printer.
    • Supplied as standard US Letter size
    • Pre-printed, creased, and micro-perforated. After printing, fold along the perforation then tear pages down to size. This allows for stunning full page photographs, right to the edge of the page!
    • Simple MS Word guides are available from our downloads page.
  • 3. Select your pages (optional)Choose any or all of the eight included inspirational quote pages. Find out more...

    • Standard paper packs come with eight pre-printed inspirational quotes, ready for you to include in the book.
    • Select any or all of the included quote pages and combine them with your handwritten and printed pages
    • Tip: We recommend a maximum of 27 pages (54 sides) in your book.

    The following pages are included in all standard paper packs sold in North America:

  • 4. Slide your pages into the bookFold the cover backwards, then slide the pages into the spine. Find out more...

    • Collate all your printed and handwritten pages. Fold your book cover backwards, and slide pages into the spine.
    • Place the book in it's matching presentation box, and you're good to go!
    • Because our binding system is based on pressure, you can remove or replace pages later if needed. Simply fold cover backwards, and slide pages downwards, out of the spine.
    • Reminder: The spine system is designed to accept pages from the top. Always slide in the top, not the bottom.

Keep your brand top of mind

Customise your books with your own brand debossed and hot foiled into the back of the book.

We can even match your books to your company colours.

3 Ways to use Remembering Books - Which one suits you?

Sell it as
a D.I.Y. Kit

Give your clients the option to put the book together themselves. Sell them the whole pack, and let them personalize it. Zero work for you, and clients choose to personalize as much or as little as they please.

Perfect for families who choose to organize their own service, or design their own service folders.


The 30 Second Customization

Customize the book by selecting the inspirational quote pages that best reflect your clients. After the service, add the signed guest pages and present the book to the family. A customized book, in 30 seconds!

Add Photos
and  Text Pages

Use the supplied
micro-perforated pages to print full page photos, a title page, and details of the funeral service. After the service, add the guest pages, and a selection of inspirational quotes.

Where to purchase Remembering Books

We supply our products exclusively to funeral homes.
For bulk, and customized book inquiries, please contact us.

Distributed in the USA by Bass-Mollet

Distributed in Australia by Wholesale Funeral Products

Distributed in New Zealand by Mortech

In the United Kingdom? Please visit our UK online store.


Are you located somewhere not listed above? Contact our head office for pricing and availability.